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With more than 7 years of track record and 300+ large and medium sized clients in the US, Europe, Australia, and India, Perceptive Analytics creates world class VBA applications for MIS departments, marketing and sales departments, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs.

VBA Applications and Excel VBA Consultancy

Types of work: Task automation applications, MIS report generation, applications with data entry and reports, enhancements to your current VBA projects, remote data collection and analysis.

Solutions: We understand your needs and create easy-to-use solutions.

Benefits: Bring the power of automation to your business, access information when needed, save time, generate more revenue and cut costs; organize your data, and ability to generate PDF reports.

Dashboards and MIS Automation (Made by Excel VBA Programmers)

Types of work: Executive Dashboards, MIS report generation, automated reports and charts.

Solutions: Programs that take data and output reports; Google docs and Office 365 based data collection applications.

Benefits: Presentable executive dashboards, access information quickly, quick turnaround time, focus on emerging business, enhance presentation, generate more revenue and cut costs, ability to generate PDF reports.

Excel Products by Excel VBA Consultants

Types of work: Net worth calculators, inspection reports, financial models, etc.

Solutions: Products that make your intellectual property into a marketable product, quick turnaround time, and focus on developing business, enhance presentation, generate more revenue and cut costs.

Benefits: Convert your intellectual property into a product, generate revenue.

Troubleshooting Macro

Types of work: Macro fixes and enhancements.

Solutions: Fix your macro that might be holding up work.

Benefits: Quick turnaround, tap expertise for specific areas and complete macro on time, independent advice, make the macro work and continue operations, save time.

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We have professionals with 13+ years of experience on board. Our team has MBAs and CPA equivalent degree holders experienced in serving international clients. We guarantee that your project with comply with specifications we agree with you.

World Class Consulting

We ask the right questions, help you articulate your needs, propose optimal solutions and execute projects that bring you strategic benefits.

Large Medium Projects

We are interested in taking up large and medium sized projects. We can scale quickly and can serve listed companies, mutual funds, and other fund managers.


You work with professionals. We create mockups that give you the look and feel of the end product. Because of this, you minimize communication gap and risk in the project. You can give feedback early and we incorporate it helping reduce cost and time needed to get your model. You can always fine tune your project after the first draft.


When you do business with us, you are always in control. Information about your project will come to you on time. We call you or email you to make sure we are accessible to you when you need us. The phone number and email ID of our CEO will always be accessible to you.

Sample VBA Programming Projects

Insurance Sales Agency Enhances Performance with our Tool

Case Study
The CEO of an insurance sales agency from Columbia, SC, wanted a tool to assess the performance of his service reps and incentivize for targets achieved.

We developed a comprehensive result-driven performance tracker on key responsibility areas. The application with a dashboard and insightful charts, allows sales reps to login with a user ID and a password and log their activity. To build something like this, do ask for a call back .

Revenue Accounting Model for a Consulting Company

Case Study
A consulting company approached us to build a standard procedure to account for revenue with inputs being invoices, statements of bank and PayPal, revenues both unearned and accrued, revenue estimates and exchange rates. The client needed an automated process of determining revenue for accounting purposes.

Perceptive understood accounting methodology specific to company. We designed easy to implement accounting module where all inputs can be input and all outputs like US GAAP Revenue, list of debtors etc. are generated. It automated revenue accounting process, saving time and accountant hours every month. This model also helps eliminate accounting issues and saves time for audit trail. If you would like something like this to be created, ask for a call back.

Inspection Tool for Engineering Services Company

Case Study
The owner of an Engineering Consultancy in Baltimore, MD, wanted a tool to assist his team in easily recording and assessing the inspection details of turbines and generate automated report from the inspection data.

Perceptive Analytics first understood clearly the client needs. We have then created a comprehensive model that allows the entry of inspection data and pictures and generates automated pdf reports. This model allows generating a one page Unit Summary, Fleet Summary a comparison of inspection reports, and a comparison report. The client saves time, gives better reports to clients and is able to take up more projects. To have something like this created for you, ask for a call back .

Automated Accounting Engine for a Consulting Company

Case Study
The client is a CFO of consulting company based out of NC, approached Perceptive to create a Journal Entry maker that compiles the journal entries. The CFO wanted to automate the journal entry creation process by identifying parties associated with credit card transactions based on past entries and by following accounting rules.

Perceptive, with its experience in creating such models, created an automated accounting engine with learning capabilities which learns things overtime based on entries user inputs. The accounting engine creates journal entries based on past entries and creates a report of newly added vendors. The journal entry file is compatible with QuickBooks. It also generates a reconciliation report to validate the entries. Our engine automated all accounting rules and CFO was able to save accounting hours every month and reduce dependence on accounting personnel. If you would like us to help you in your accounting process, ask for a call back.

Lead Operations Tool for an Insurance Company

Case Study
The CEO of an insurance sales agency from Columbia, SC, wanted a tool to record the leads and manage them efficiently. He wanted to analyze the lead operations based on various parameters over a period of time.

We assessed the client's business needs and developed a comprehensive lead operations tool. The model allows sales reps login with respective user id and password and to record the leads and manage the database accordingly. The model also has awesome dashboard that summarizes the performance with insightful charts on various key parameters. If you would like something like this to be created, ask for a call back.


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